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About BIO360
Bio360 produces general foods inOral Disintegration Film(ODF) and jelly formulation, and furthermore, it manufactures health functional foods. Our company is optimized to make good products with the rich experience and know-how of long-time employees at pharmaceutical companies. We will do our best to develop excellent produces to create a healthy future.
Characteristics and Advantages of Oral Dissolving Films(ODF)
The characteristic of oral Dissolving Film(ODF) refers to a product in the form of a film that is designd to be dissolved in the oral cavity without water. Headquarters has the technology to precisdly control the amount of chemicals applied and can produce quantitative products. The advantage of Oral Dissolving Film(ODF) is that it can beeasily consumed anytime, anywhere without water, and can be been by children, adults, men and women, and it is easy to carry so that it can be stored in a wallet. In addition, it has the advantage of rapid absorption through the mucous membrane of the mouth and the ability to express certain functionality with a small dose.
Characteristics and Advantages of Pomegranate Collagen Jelly
Our collagen jelly has the same effect as eating 93.2% of Turkish pomegranate concentration in one pakage, 18,640 mg per potion, or 1.2 pomegranates per potion, and low-molecular fish collagen is extracted from the skin of only cod in a clean area of Norway. Also, you can enjoy the rich taste of pomegranate collagen by manufacturing it without using purified water and sugar.
Export status or plans to open overseas markets in the future?
In order to enter the overseas markte, we are currently working with health food manufacturing and distribution companies, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, including the United States, Canada, Italy, and Southeast Asian countries. We are also preparing to establish health-assisted food manufacturing plants using ODF technology in the United States, Britain, Germany and Vietnam, and the jelly formulation will be in contact with buyers from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) to produce good results in the near future.